Movement Dysfunction

Many people only think to access physiotherapy services when they experience pain or injury. However there are many other ways physiotherapy can help you;

  • Improve balance, strength and endurance
  • Improve core stability
  • Improve flexibility
  • Body MOT
  • Reach your weight loss goals through structured, progressive and safe exercise
  • Improve your routine and technique at the gym
  • Provide you with a progressive and tailored exercise program

Other Concerns

  • Performance and sport related concerns for example; stiffness or restriction on your golf swing or difficulty achieving an even seat during your dressage test (see Rider assessment).
  • Pain or stiffness arising from work based postures or demands
  • Joint restriction that causes difficulty carrying out everyday tasks
  • Weakness because of an injury or surgery
  • Pain that is limiting normal movement
Woman having physio done on her ankle


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Woman having physio done on her leg/hip

Movement Dysfunction

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Accupuncture being done on the knee


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